McDougald Terrace Relocation Updates 1/25 - 1/31

UPDATE 01-28-2020

Inspections have been completed at McDougald Terrace, Oxford Manor, Hoover Road, Club Boulevard, Edgemont-Elms and Laurel Oaks, completing the inspection process for properties with gas appliances. Upgrades to McDougald Terrace started yesterday. These upgrades include mechanical, electrical, plumbing and environmental upgrades as well as exterminations.

Mechanical and plumbing upgrades are in process and we anticipate electrical upgrades to begin next. Different upgrades must be done before others, therefore some of the work will be staggered. We are optimistic that residents will be able to begin moving back in by the middle of February. As this is finalized, DHA will be communicating exact dates and timelines with all relocated residents, and we will be having individual conversations with each household about their homes.

We have also put together a rough estimate for the total cost of upgrades - $4.3 million. This cost encompasses the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and environmental upgrades and exterminations. For relocation costs to date, the total amount that DHA has paid, is $1.3 million. These payments include hotel stays, stipends, security at McDougald Terrace, transportation for relocated residents and the first inspection work that was complete. 


Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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