DDNP Frequently Asked Questions



We have to develop the community redevelopment plan first, so no redevelopment will happen right away. At the earliest, work may begin 2-3 years from now.

Upon completion of this planning process, DHA will share the final concept for each community that is developed. Once funding has been secured, the actual redevelopment implementation plan (including the relocation plan and a timeline) will be shared with all community residents.

Residents returning to their communities
Once the development plan is created the determination can be made as to how many and what bedroom size units will be built on the site. DHA will develop options for residents to choose from which may include moving off site permanently or temporarily.

Rent Levels
Residents will continue to pay rent based on their income. Those paying a flat rent (not based on income), may see an increase in rent. For flat renters, more information will be available as redevelopment plans are finalized.

Other DHA Communities
DHA is required to renovate and/or redevelop our other communities on a strict timeline due to its Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) participation. Currently, we are focused on the communities in this planning area where the redevelopment could generate funding to assist in the redevelopment of our other communities. When the planning process starts for those communities, they will be notified to participate in a similar community engagement planning process. 

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