McDougald Terrace Relocation Updates 1/13 - 1/17

UPDATE 01-16-2020

The Durham Housing Authority (DHA) thanks everyone for their patience as we work through gathering inspection data and turning it into action items. DHA also appreciates the McDougald Terrace residents who have been patient and cooperative with us during this difficult time.

Over the past two days we have completed the inspections of 346 units at McDougald Terrace. Since completing those inspections, we have dispatched contractors to begin inspecting our other facilities with gas appliances. Today, those contractors are inspecting homes at Oxford Manor.

We have completed the inspections at the Hoover Road complex and anticipate wrapping up Oxford Manor tomorrow. We did relocate two households during the maintenance work at Hoover Road. One of these households are back in their apartment, and we are in the process of communicating with the other resident that it is safe to return home. Overall, there are 54 units at Hoover Road, and we replaced a total of 21 stoves. There were also 6 gas leaks that were repaired.

At Oxford Manor, we have inspected 58 of the 172 units and found that 23 ovens registered elevated CO levels. We have turned off gas at these units while we replace stoves. We will make sure that these are replaced today and residents are able to turn their heat on this evening. The final inspections will take place at Club Boulevard and then Laurel Oaks.

DHA will extend the relocation of McDougald Terrace residents another week, through next Friday, January 24th. We are still in the process of developing a plan of action for all of McDougald Terrace so that we can get residents back home as quickly as possible under safe conditions. We also wanted to post the updated bus schedules for TMAC and DPS which you can find a downloadable version here

DHA will distribute food stipends to cover the extension for these relocated residents and we are in contact with residents on this distribution. 

An important reminder to community members and residents that the only two places to drop off donations is at the designated Salvation Army location at 601 Willard St. in Durham and at 51B Ridgeway Avenue.

Next week, Monday through Wednesday, while Durham Public Schools are out, there will be child care provided for children ages 5 through 12. This will be provided in partnership with the Salvation Army, YMCA, Durham Public Schools, and the Boys & Girls Club. Transportation will be provided, and we are communicating logistics to residents.

Finally, residents should know that beginning tomorrow, Friday, January 17th, BookMobile will visit the hotels where our residents are located, beginning with the Days Inn and Quality Inn. These visits will extend into next week and we’ll be communicating this to our residents.


UPDATE 01-14-2020

Yesterday, we completed inspections of the final 100 units at McDougald Terrace, all of which were units where residents have relocated. In total, we inspected 346 units at McDougald Terrace. Out of the 346 units, we found that a total of 211 stoves need to be replaced. We believe stove issues will easily be fixed through replacements with properly tested stoves.

We also discovered 38 furnaces and 35 hot water heaters needing repairs. We are still evaluating what needs to be done for some of the venting systems connected to these. This could pose as longer-term updates for contractors.

We are beginning to develop an action plan on how DHA will go about making these updates, what renovations need to take place immediately and what can be longer-term, and then what the subsequent costs are associated with these updates. We hope to be able to come to you with more information on this in the next few days.

In the meantime, we have begun dispatching inspectors to begin the inspection process of all DHA properties, beginning with our Hoover Road property. This will be a process that takes time, but it is something we are immediately implementing to ensure the safety of all DHA residents.

In terms of donation drop-offs, the Salvation Army now asks that donations be dropped off at 601 Willard St. in Durham. This is the old University Ford Dealership location. Those interested in dropping off donations may do so between 10AM and 2PM. Right now, the most needed items are storage totes, 4-6 diapers, 2T-5T pull ups, microwaveable ready-made pastas, non-perishable food items, healthy and low sodium snacks for the elderly. They are no longer accepting clothing items for donations. Donations may also be dropped off at 51B Ridgeway Avenue from 10AM to 6PM, Mondays through Saturdays.


UPDATE 01-13-2020

Thank you all for a very productive meeting of both residents and community members on Saturday. We started the meeting with letting relocated residents know about resources that are available to them, including those through Alliance Health, Durham County Social Services, Durham Pre-K, Maame, East Durham Children’s Initiative, Durham Parks & Rec., and Durham Public Health. Thank you to these partners for the important services they are providing. If residents want more information, they can call the call center at 919-596-1639

The main purpose of Saturday’s meeting was to provide preliminary inspection results to the residents of McDougald Terrace and then hear from them. Here are some of the findings:

  • 225 of 325 total units have been inspected. We hope to get through the final 100 units today.
  • Most issues we are finding are coming from the stoves. If a stove has an issue, we will replace them. 
  • We have also discovered some issues with hot water heaters and some issues with furnaces. Of the 225 total units inspected we’ve discovered 133 faulty stoves. 
  • It is important to note that these are not all one-off issues – some units might have something faulty with all three while other units do not have anything wrong.
  • We are also reviewing some issues that have been discovered with venting systems of hot water heaters and furnaces in these units. Venting system repairs will require long-term fixes to ensure the safety of these residents.
DHA is beginning to assess options for these units and receiving estimates for repairs. Once we have made a determination on the repairs and how much they will cost, we will begin actually conducting the repairs as necessary.
By Thursday, DHA is hoping to have more information and a plan in place for how we move forward, what repairs will need to be made and a timeline for our residents who have been relocated.
Importantly, please remember to bring all donations to the Salvation Army at 909 Liberty Street anytime between 8am and 4pm. We ask that you please do not drop off donations at hotels. Our partners at the Salvation Army are handling all donations for us.


Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2020

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