February Rent at McDougald Terrace and January 2020 Evictions

DURHAM, NC – Today, with news of the extension of relocation efforts announced for McDougald Terrace residents yesterday, Durham Housing Authority (DHA) Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Scott, has announced that all current McDougald Terrace residents will be exempt from paying any rent for the month of February. DHA anticipates that relocated residents will be displaced through at least Friday, February 7th as upgrades from gas to electric stoves, repairs of other appliances, and mold and insect issues are resolved. Though we hope that the 280 families temporarily relocated across 16 hotels in Durham will be home as soon as possible, no McDougald tenants will owe February rent – and any paid rent will be credited forward as DHA previously announced for January rent at the January 11, 2020 meeting with McDougald residents.

Anthony Scott stated, “All 73 members of the DHA staff are working tirelessly to ensure that the situation at McDougald Terrace is resolved efficiently and I ask that all 1,500 households and 2,400 voucher holders be patient with us during this difficult time. The safety of all DHA residents is the top priority of our staff and the DHA Board of Commissioners.”  

DHA is also announcing today that there will be no new evictions filed for non-payment of rent for the month of January 2020 – at any of DHA's properties. In addition, at the December 30th, 2019, Board of Commissioners meeting, DHA General Counsel, Carl Newman, announced that DHA would be reviewing all 63 evictions from across all DHA properties in the year 2019. While it is still the intention of DHA staff to review each of these evictions, as part of DHA’s ongoing efforts to reduce evictions, nothing is more important right now than providing McDougald Terrace residents with safe housing, and DHA is dedicating extensive time and resources to ensuring this happens as quickly as possible for our residents.  

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Posted on Friday, January 24, 2020

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