McDougald Terrace Relocation Updates 2/2 - 2/8

UPDATE 02-07-20

All work continues to progress across the 5 key disciplines - mechanical, electrical, plumbing, environmental and exterminations. The electrical work is moving at a slower pace but, as a reminder, the electrical work is not required for residents to move back in, so this work is not preventing us from getting residents back into safe homes. 

We have at least two buildings that will be completed and reviewed by city building code inspectors by next Friday, meaning we will be able to move residents back into these households. We are also hopeful that we can have other buildings complete by next Friday. Our overall goal is to have the majority of the buildings complete and approved by the end of the month, meaning it is our goal to have as many households moved back in by the end of the month as possible. 

We still estimate that the total costs for these upgrades will be minimally at $4.3 million, which does not include the relocation efforts. For relocation efforts, we have spent a total of $1.9 million. 

We are not moving all guests out of the Millenium Hotel. On February 14th, 27 households are moving and we are contacting these 27 households today and Monday. As we begin moving households back into their homes and out of extended stay hotels, we are working to move as many residents as we can into extended stay hotels. These hotels are better equipped to house families for extended periods of time. By next Friday, more than half of the relocated residents will be in extended stay hotels. 


UPDATE 02-06-20

Due to inclement weather and the early release of Durham Public Schools, we are postponing the 1pm and 2pm housekeeping training sessions.

We will work with Adam's Pest Solutions to reschedule these time slots and notify you when they are planned. 


UPDATE 02-05-20

Saturday, February 8th from 10am - 1pm, stipends will be distributed for relocated McDougald Terrace residents at the DHA central office. We ask that heads of households be prepared with ID when you get to the office. Security will be onsite. Transportation will be provided by TMAC with buses picking up and dropping off continuously at hotels from 9:15am - 12:15pm. 
Beginning next Tuesday, February 11th, the Salvation Army at 601 Willard St. will be open from 10am - 2pm every Tuesday and Thursday with supplies for relocated residents. The Salvation Army is calling for volunteers to help with the donation center. If you are interested in signing up, you can do so here:


UPDATE 02-04-20

On Thursday, February 6th, at the McDougald Terrace Community Center, there will be mandatory housekeeping education and pest control training for McDougald Terrace residents. Only the head of household must attend. There are four sessions throughout the day beginning at 10a.m. - for more details on the training and schedule click here

On Saturday, February 8th from 11am - 1pm, there will be a career expo at the McDougald McClendon Arena in Durham. Interviews will be conducted on the spot. For more information, click here

Posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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