Durham Housing Authority Awarded Two Grants Totaling $2.5 Million for McDougald Terrace Residents

DURHAM, NC – Today, the Durham Housing Authority (DHA) has announced receiving two grants focused on providing specific services to McDougald Terrace residents. The First Horizon Foundation, the private charitable foundation of First Horizon National Corp., announced that they have awarded $100,000 for DHA to provide much needed services to relocated McDougald Terrace residents while they are displaced and as they return home.  

“DHA is sincerely grateful to be awarded this generous grant during a time of such dire need for our residents. We would like to thank the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People’s Stella Adams for bringing the plight of McDougald Terrace residents to the attention of First Horizon Bank.  A grant like this allows us to provide services for our relocated residents such as child care, youth activities, adult activities and transportation, and to provide support for residents as they return home. We remain appreciative of the incredible work and donations provided to DHA and the relocated residents of McDougald Terrace by community leaders such as the First Horizon Foundation,” said Anthony Scott, CEO of the Durham Housing Authority.   

In addition, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced that DHA are the recipients of a HUD Jobs Plus grant for $2.3 million to be used over the next 4 years. The purpose of this grant is to assist McDougald Terrace residents in securing employment. Public housing residents pay 30% of their adjusted income towards rent. If their income increases the rent also increases. A key component of the Jobs Plus Program allows the elimination or reduction in the rent increases for participating residents during the grant period.   

DHA will be able to use this grant to support McDougald Terrace residents by providing services like work readiness training, employer linkages, job placement opportunities, financial literacy trainings, financial and rent incentives, and broader community support. This type of grant will allow DHA to help provide long-term employment solutions to the residents of McDougald Terrace.

“After three tries over the past three years, DHA is excited to be one of nine recipients for this grant from the HUD, Office of Public Housing Investments. We are thankful for the various private and public partners, including Durham County Department of Public Health, Asymmetry, LLC, North Carolina Central University, Durham County Department of Social Services, Child Care Services Association, Duke University School of Nursing, Durham Crisis Response Center, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and the Durham Police Department to name a few. We look forward to partnering with the McDougald Terrace residents over the next four years,” said Anthony Scott.

Posted on Friday, February 21, 2020

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