COVID-19 Housing Stability Program

DHA understands that these are trying times and you may have had financial difficulties. We are here to help. 
Rent was still due and has accumulated if it was unpaid. If you have any unpaid rent, talk to your Property Management Staff immediately about the possible options below: 
  • If you have had a decrease in income and/or increase in your expenses, request a review of your current income to determine if your rent should be adjusted. Please note that the stimulus payment and unemployment increases associated with The CARES Act (COVID-19 relief) are NOT counted as income.
  • Speak with your Management Staff regarding MINIMUM RENT HARDSHIP EXEMPTION
  • If you are unable to pay the back rent in a lump sum, speak with your Management Staff if you can enter into a Repayment Agreement. 
  • Speak with your Management Staff about possible resources to assist you with rent. Some possible resources are as follows:
    o Department of Social Services – 414 E. Main Street; (919) 560-8000 ext. 0
    o Resident Services – 533 E. Main Street; (919) 683-8596
    o Dial 211 from any telephone or visit – search by zip code-this is a hotline that can connect you to emergency assistance and other supportive services in your community (Management can assist)
  • For other rent payment options, please contact your management team (click here for contact information)

It is important that you contact your Management Staff immediately to resolve your outstanding rent balance. In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, if a face to face meeting is needed it must be by appointment only and face coverings will be required. Your first point of contact is your property management team. You can register to participate by completing the form below.

Over the next several months, DHA will reach out directly to households whose housing is in jeopardy, to inform them of available options to keep them housed.

Please click here if you are ready to make a rent payment online.