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February 13, 2023 McDougald Terrace Resident Meeting

February 13, 2023
As part of its Recovery Agreement with HUD, DHA is working on a Redevelopment Plan for McDougald Terrace. This plan identifies multiple strategies that result in the complete redevelopment of McDougald Terrace. This plan responds to the needs of existing residents and market conditions and aligns with development opportunities with institutional partners, such as Durham Public Schools, NCCU, and Durham Tech.
This is a preliminary study that lays out recommendations for the successful repositioning of McDougald Terrace. There may be future changes, but this creates the pathway. Discussions with stakeholders, institutional partners, City of Durham and residents are ongoing, and will continue to be a critical element as the plan moves forward. The goal is to create a purpose-built community that has connectivity, open space, and amenities.
We want to build a community based on our ideas and desires. Among the feedback we received from the community was to:

  • Concentrate density along Lawson Street
  • Create compatible transitions to the surrounding neighborhood
  • Create a pedestrian network
  • Improve pedestrian safety along Lawson Street
  • Incorporate diverse housing types - include townhomes and fourplexes/duplexes
  • Incorporate non-residential uses - limited retail and adequate residential amenities
  • Locate non-residential uses along Lawson Street or Burton Park
  • Incorporate amenities focused around children
  • Scatter amenities and green spaces throughout

Based on the discussions and conversations with the residents, stakeholders, Community Advisory Group, and DHA staff, the following goals and assumptions were established as the basis of the housing redevelopment plan:

  • Replace all existing affordable units on a one-for-one basis
  • Develop a mixed-income community
  • Incorporate diverse housing types
  • Incorporate supportive residential amenities and services
  • Build-First strategy to reduce temporary moves
  • Phase demolition & construction over multiple years
  • Collaborate with the City and adjacent institutional anchors for future partnerships on infrastructure improvements and neighborhood amenities
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