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Internship Program

The Resident Services Department Internship program partners with North Carolina Central University Departments of Criminal Justice, Social Work and Human Science. Undergraduate and Graduate students implement various programs and services within the DHA communities to assist our Residents in becoming self-sufficient. The DHA Resident Services Department established the internship program to give students practical field experiences that complements academic study; to give students practical experience working with professionals and residents in an agency where they might consider working in the future and to provide students with professional networking opportunities to make contacts in the professional sector with community partners where they may potentially seek employment. Paid and unpaid internships are available depending on the program funding.

All internships are in 480-hour increment (flexible time), unless other arrangements are made. The Summer term generally runs from June to August; Fall term from September to December; and Winter/Spring term from January to Mid-April. Internships are limited to the Residents Services Department.

Undergraduate Interns: Open to students currently enrolled in a full-time program who have completed at least the equivalent of two years of study in the university setting and are seeking a four-year degree.

Graduate Interns: Open to currently enrolled graduate students or to graduating seniors who have been accepted and are pre-registered for a graduate program.

The DHA Internship Program allows students at the local universities to work in their areas of study while helping residents in DHA communities. Program(s) include:

  • P.O.I.S.E. - Providing Outreach and Inspiration through Sisterhood and Education
  • F.A.M.E. - Family and Academic Mentoring
  • Empowerment
  • 360 Create Freedom Afterschool Program
  • DHA Truancy
  • Expungement Program
  • FSS-PH Communities
  • Educating with the Eagles Program
  • Brother 2 Brother
  • M.A.P. at NCCU - The McDougald Afterschool Program at NCCU McDougald
  • Morning Glory Healthy Living Series
  • Y.W.O.C. - Young Women of Color
  • iC.A.R.E. - Creating Awareness for our Rising Executives and Entrepreneurs
  • Lowes Grove and McDougald Terrace Parent/Teacher Connection
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