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RAD Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAD? 
The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) allows public housing agencies and owners of HUD-assisted properties to convert units to project-based Section 8 programs, providing an opportunity to invest billions into properties at risk of being lost from the nation's affordable housing inventory.

Will a RAD conversion affect my housing assistance?
You will not lose your housing assistance and you will not be rescreened because of a RAD conversion. Even though a RAD property can use private money to make big repairs, it will still receive money from HUD. RAD requires that converted properties be owned or controlled by a public or nonprofit entity.

Will a RAD conversion affect my rent?
Your rent contribution will most likely be the same as it was under public housing- generally no more than 30% of your household's adjusted gross income. Since the project-based Section 8 programs also set resident rents at 30% of adjusted income, most residents will not have rent increases as a result of a RAD conversion. However, if you are paying a flat rent in public housing, you will most likely have to gradually pay slightly more in rent over time. In these limited cases, if your rent increases more than 10% and requires you to pay more than $25 per month in additional rent, your new rent will be phased in over the next 3 years.

Will I have to move during the rehabilitation?
Yes. The rehabilitation project requires extensive renovations in each unit.

Where will residents be relocated?
Residents will be relocated onsite, when feasible, and possibly to other public housing units during the renovations. Residents will be relocated into comparable units.

Are residents required to move back after temporary relocation off-site? 
No. If a resident decides to remain at the temporary relocation site permanently, they will be able to stay.

Will DHA pay for the move?
Yes, the project's development budget will cover the costs for the temporary move and your return move.

What percentage of people will be able to return to the renovated development?
All residents are eligible to return as long as they are lease compliant. Residents benefit from a right of return as part of the RAD requirements.

For more information about RAD call 919.683.1551 ext. 7250 or email Anthony Snell, Director of Development or visit



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