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Public Notice - April 28th Regular Board Meeting

Notice of Meeting

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Durham Housing Authority will be held 5:30 PM Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. 

Board of Commissioners

  • Daniel C. Hudgins, Chairman
  • Mayme Webb-Bledsoe, Vice Chair
  • Torrell Armstrong
  • Robert Glenn
  • Angela Holmes
  • Pebbles Lucas
  • Christine Westfall

Jillian Johnson, City Council Liaison
Anthony Scott, Chief Executive Officer 

  1. Call To Order
    • Establish Quorum
  2. Public Comments 
  3. Public Hearing
    • TEFRA Hearing - Trails at Twin Lakes Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds
  4. Changes To The Agenda
  5. Approval Of Minutes Board Of Commissioners: 3-18
    •  Board Meeting of March 24, 2021
  6. Chief Executive Officer's Business Report: 19-21
  7. General Business Action Items: 22-169
    • Development Committee: 22-29
    • Finance Committee: 30-68
    • Operations Committee: 69-113
    • Resident Services Committee: 114-129
  8. Resolutions For Approval: 130-151
    1. Resolution Authorizing Submission to NCHFA of a 2021 Full 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Application for a New Construction Affordable Housing Project To Be Developed By Laurel Street Residential, LLC And Development Ventures Incorporated on a Portion of the Existing Liberty Street Public Housing Site (Commerce Street Apartments Project): 131-132
    2. Authorization Resolution in Connection with Morehead Avenue Seniors New Construction Development: 133-138
    3. Resolution Approving Change Order #5 to Five Star Construction Contract for the Roof Replacement at Hoover Road and Cornwallis Road Apartments: 139-142
    4. Resolution to Approve the Review of/and Adjustments to Outstanding Charges on Tenant Accounts Currently in Possession: 143-144
    5. Resolution to Consider and Approve the Modification and Extension of the Contract for Auditing Services with Novogradac: 145-146
    6. Resolution to Consider and Approve the Award of Website Design and Maintenance Services Contract to Brooks Jeffrey: 147-148
    7. Resolution Authorizing the Write-Off of Public Housing Collection Losses for the Period Beginning February 1, 2021 and Ending February 28, 2021: 149-151
  9. Closed Session
  10. Adjournment
  11. Entities Business
    • Development Ventures Inc.: 152-163
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