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Public Notice - January 13th Special Board Meeting

Notice of Meeting

The special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Durham Housing Authority will be held 5:30 PM Wednesday, January 13, 2021. The Purpose of the Special Board Meeting is to Consider Approval of the FY 2021-2025 5-Year PHA Plan, the FY 2021 Annual PHA Plan, and the HCV Administrative Plan Revisions.

Board of Commissioners

  • Daniel C. Hudgins, Chairman
  • Torrell Armstrong
  • Robert Glenn
  • Angela Holmes
  • Pebbles Lucas
  • Mayme Webb-Bledsoe
  • Christine Westfall

Jillian Johnson, City Council Liaison
Anthony Scott, Chief Executive Officer 

  1. Call To Order
    • Establish Quorum
  2. Public Comments 
  3. Resolutions For Approval
    1. Resolution Approving the Submission of the 5-Year & Annual PHA Plans For the Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2021
    2. Resolution to Consider and Approve Changes to Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan
  4. Adjournment
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