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McDougald Terrace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the proposed redevelopment/ repositioning real?

A: Yes, DHA is committed under the Recovery Agreement to define a plan for the repositioning of the community.

Q: Why hasn't the process started with the site?

A: DHA had always intended to move forward with redevelopment planning of McDougald Terrace (MT). The Recovery Agreement timing aligned with the DHA's projected schedule. Projects of the magnitude of MT require multiple years to plan and construct.

Q: Will the Transfer of Assistance (TOAs) reduce the number of units rebuilt at McDougald Terrace (MT)?

A: No. The proposed plan is to build back all of the existing 360 units. The final number of units to be rebuilt is yet to be determined. Current conceptual plans range between 522 - 644 units. Both Lincoln Apartment and MT along with other potential sites will house the new units. All current residents will have the right to return to the site once redeveloped. The TOAs only impact vacant units at this point.

Q: Will DHA consider Section 18 Demolition/Disposition obsolescence as a strategy for McDougald Terrace?

A: Yes. DHA will make application under the Section 18 Demolition/Disposition Program. Section 18 Disposition can be used with the Project-Based Voucher program as a preservation and redevelopment tool.

Q: Where can a resident view project updates?

A: DHA will be creating a page on our website dedicated to this redevelopment.

Q: How often will residents have meetings regarding the development?

A: DHA is planning to conduct bi-monthly resident meetings both in-person and online. A timeline for these will be distributed to residents and available on DHA's website.

Q: When will residents know that the Repositioning Plan has been approved by HUD?

A: Once the Reposition Plan has been approved, residents will be notified by DHA.

Q: How will the relocation take place?

A: The final relocation plan will be developed and approved by HUD. There is no planned immediate relocation. Initial relocation is projected for roughly FY 2026-2027. This will depend upon the final plans and the availability of necessary funding.

Q: Will the residents be responsible for their relocation?

A: No. At the time of relocation, DHA and its relocation experts will assist the residents with their individual relocation needs, including the cost of relocation. Further details will be available as the time approaches.

Q: Where will I be relocated?

A: There is no immediate plan for relocation, but when the time comes to notify residents to relocate DHA will notify all residents of available relocation housing options as stipulated by RAD Relocation guidelines. DHA is pursuing a build-first strategy which should limit the need for relocation outside of the community.

Q: Who can residents contact if they have questions?

A: If you have question please contact:

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