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Resident Councils

Resident Council and Resident Council Training Program
The Resident Council is a HUD and DHA recognized group of elected resident officers from all DHA public housing properties who have open communication with the Housing Authority and residents regarding issues that affect their community. HUD encourages housing authorities and residents to work together to determine appropriate ways to foster constructive relationships, particularly through resident councils. Each duly elected resident council receives individual and group training along with the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences throughout the United States. This training allows residents to network with other public housing residents and DHA staff members to build new relationships and gain powerful insights on ways to improve their neighborhoods. Residents Councils are governed by DHA's recognition policy and approved by-laws.

Resident Council Training Program
The Resident Council Training Program is designed to build strong leadership for Durham Housing Authority Resident Councils and Resident Management Corporation. By addressing recurrent issues of recruiting, training and retaining viable resident councils, this program will provide clarification of roles among council leaders and members, provide training in conflict management, consensus building, council administration and leadership skills.

Map showing the location of Durham within the state of North Carolina

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