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About DHA



In its pursuit of becoming Durham's leading affordable housing provider, Durham Housing Authority seeks to engage the community at large on this critical mission. We are in the housing business, but our focus is on families. We help them with the most basic need in life - shelter - but we don't stop there.

As you visit the various areas of our website, you'll learn about our Family Self-Sufficiency program, about our strategic partnerships with City and County agencies, our outreach programs that make it possible for deserving children to go to college and our commitment to quality living for every citizen we serve.


Vision: To serve as the leading provider of affordable housing dedicated to building stronger Durham communities. 

Mission: Our mission is to develop, own, manage, and contribute to diverse communities of choice.

        We take Responsibility
           We are Ethical
                   We Satisfy Customers
           We are Productive
           We are Enthusiastic
           We are Creative
We practice Teamwork

Strategic Plan: Goals & Objectives
Adopted by DHA Board of Commissioners on May 24, 2017

The agency has also set important goals as part of the strategic plan. These are: 

Strengthen Financial Stability & Operational Efficiency

  • Improve financial operations, structure and reporting capacity 
  • Diversify revenue sources to promote financial stability
  • Upgrade technology and develop a paperless operation
  • Increase work processes and decision-making practices are aligned to support DHA's mission

High Performing Organization in both Public Housing and HCV Program

  • Recruit and retain quality employees
  • Strengthen DHA's financial well being
  • Achieve and maintain high performer status
  • Avoid audit findings

Build Strong Community Partnerships

  • Strengthen and increase community relations
  • Increase community awareness

Provide Quality Customer Service

  • Ensure effective communication within the organization, with clients, and the community
  • Treat everyone with RESPECT
  • Ensure that staff is knowledgeable about the programs we offer
  • Build stronger levels of trust and transparency

Create Healthy & Sustainable Communities

  • Elicit/Involve resident/community participation in planning decisions
  • Promote public health and a clean, safe environment
  • Provide diversity and diverse housing opportunities
  • Design housing that incorporates transportation options
  • Improve availability and access by ALL to opportunities and needs

Build a Strong Asset Portfolio

  • Maintain attractive, well-maintained properties and fleet
  • Invest in private market real estate
  • Seek alternative funding sources
  • Maintain competitive rents
  • Have a pool of builders, developers and design professionals

Proposed - HCVAP Changes - 2018 (COMING SOON)

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