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Staff Directory

The People Who Bring It All Together
The staff listing is organized by department and includes telephone numbers and position/title.

Durham Housing Authority (DHA) 919.683.1551

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  • Bethea, Terence, Resident Safety Specialist, ext. 7111
  • Burke, Donnell, Fraud/Security Manager, ext. 7274
  • Malone, Jamel, Resident Safety Specialist, ext. 7289
  • Walton, Carla, Director of Administration, ext. 7276

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Cornwallis Road/Laurel Oaks

  • Mangum, Kristin, Property Manager
  • Revels, Marshall, Interim Maintenance Supervisor, ext. 7273
  • McLean, Kokeema, Assistant Property Manager, ext. 7259
  • McCrea, Latoya, Housing Clerk, ext. 7048

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  • Snell, Anthony, Director of Real Estate Development, ext. 7250
  • Swan, Eric, Project Manager, ext. 7019
  • Tillman, Brenda, Program Specialist, ext. 7294

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Executive Office

  • Brenner, Jason, Staff Attorney, ext. 7283
  • Lucas-King, Cynthia, Receptionist, ext. 7200
  • Sanders, Aalayah, Communications Manager, ext. 7306
  • Scott, Anthony, Chief Executive Officer, ext. 7217
  • Slaughter, Anita, Special Assistant to the CEO, ext. 7217

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  • Kerr, Amber, Payables Technician, ext. 7291
  • Breeden, Denise, Controller/HCVP Accountant, ext. 7312
  • Evans, Tiffany, Procurement Manager, ext. 7298
  • Gill, William, IT Manager, ext. 7278
  • Nwosu, Amechi, LIPH Accountant, ext. 7241
  • Pickett, Early, IT Assistant. Ext. 7256
  • Staley, Ralph, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 7320
  • Williams, Tammy, Development Accountant, ext. 7236
  • Watts, Anne, Payroll/Accounts Receivable Technician, ext. 7292

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  • Acey, Kenneth, Data Processing Housing Specialist
  • Clayton, Toni, Eligibility Supervisor, ext. 7020
  • Flores, Jamie, Administrative Assistant
  • Green, Vanessa, Data Processing Housing Specialist, ext. 7263
  • Harris, Sherry, Compliance Supervisor, ext. 7244
  • Jones-Lassiter, Desireé, Recertification Supervisor
  • Jones, Tytia, Data Processing Housing Specialist
  • Saiter-Collins, Laticia, HCV Program Manager, ext. 7238
  • Smith, Alasia, Data Processing Specialist
  • Virgin, Lamar, Inspection Supervisor
  • HCV Contact Information

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McDougald Terrace

  • Bowser, Jada, Assistant Property Manager
  • Robinson, Sharon, Assistant Property Manager, ext. 7246
  • Rowell, Johnny, Maintenance Supervisor, ext. 7219
  • Farrar, Tewonda, Property Manager, ext. 7231
  • Sinclair, O'Sheena, Housing Clerk, ext. 7234

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Morreene Road/Damar Court

  • Barnette, Jacinta, Housing Clerk, ext. 7214
  • VACANT, Assistant Property Manager
  • VACANT, Assistant Property Manager
  • Frazier, Ted, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Parnett-Calloway, Veronica, Interim Property Manager, ext. 7266

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  • Morris, Janelle, Senior Property Associate
  • Cooper, Sanchez, Housing Stability Specialist, ext. 7230
  • Christmas, Mekeja, Housing Stability Specialist, ext. 7205

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Oxford Manor/Club Boulevard

  • James, Parris, Housing Clerk, ext. 7249
  • Daniels, Willard, Maintenance Supervisor, ext. 7261
  • Markham, Felecia, Property Manager, ext. 7242
  • Small, Sandra D., Assistant Property Manager, ext. 7206

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Preiss-Steele Place/Edgemont Elms/1010/Goley Pointe

  • Pollard, Adrienne, Assistant Property Manager
  • Sendolo, Saye, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Stallworth, Diane, Property Manager, ext. 7247
  • VACANT, Housing Clerk

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Resident Services

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Strategic Management

  • Brown, Ashanti, COO/Director of Strategic Management, ext. 7218
  • Garrett, Christina, Manager of Strategic Analysis, ext. 7309
  • Thomas, Samuel, Strategic Analyst, ext. 7212
  • Barbosa, Rusputini, Strategic Analyst, ext. 7237

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519 E. Main/Hoover Road/Liberty St./Forest Hills/Scattered Sites

  • Jordan, Norris, Maintenance Supervisor, ext. 7261
  • Follosco, Jose, Assistant Property Manager, ext. 7204
  • Gaynor, Sharon, Housing Clerk, ext. 7202
  • Moore, Christopher, Property Manager, ext. 7288
  • White, Brittney, Assistant Property Manager, ext. 7295

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